Friday, 8 May 2015


   Earlier today, American rockers Incubus released another new lyric video for a song entitled Make Out Party. "Make out party??" Incubus realise that their teenage fanbase has all grown up now, right? But seriously, the song itself seems to be, lyrically, an attempt at writing a Prince song. Thing is, before even getting to the lyrics and the poppiness of Brandon Boyd's vocals, you had to double check that you didn't select the wrong video. The tone on here is like nothing I've heard from Incubus before (please correct me if there was ever anything on Light Grenades, Crow Left Of Murder or If Not Now, When? that is this heavy because I haven't heard those albums in full.) It's almost Doom-y in places. It has a slow groove and quite fuzzy guitars. Compared to the other new songs we've already heard from Incubus, this is, personally, a very nice surprise and one of the coolest things I've heard from them in years.
  This track comes from the first Ep of two to be released this year, Trust Fall (Side A), which is set for release on 12th May.

   For my Israeli readers, don't forget that if you want to see Incubus, they are playing the Raanana Ampitheatre next month, 9th June. For my readers in the UK, you can see them in London at the Apollo on 16th June. For everyone else in Europe and the USA, you can check out tour dates over at Incubus HQ.

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