Tuesday, 19 May 2015


   As some of you may know, Useless ID frontman Yotam Ben Horin has moved (back) stateside to help further his solo career. From his last solo album, Distant Lover, he has released a video for the song Sad. Filled with Hollywood Blvd street entertainers and great sights, we see Yotam following an incredible blonde to the subway where his heart gets a little bit bruised. Yotam has managed to still keep this LA filmed video an Israeli affair by teaming up with Israeli actors and film crew.
    For those already familiar with Yotam's solo work, it will not surprise you that this song is beautiful and melancholic; others expecting acoustic punk should still be pleasantly surprised. Both the song itself and the video hit a sensitive spot inside you. Yotam definitely knows how to pen a song.
  Yotam has been working on new recordings which I'm hoping we'll hear in the not so distant* future. 

*Genuinely no pun intended.

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