Sunday, 3 May 2015


       Now...I know they did a video for a song called Gut Feeling...I was there for that. I did not know. however, that Tel Aviv pop punk band Not On Tour also filmed a really professional looking video for the track Maybe One Day. The track itself, like almost all Not On Tour, is just under 1 and half minutes of a harmonious pleasure. The video confuses me at the beginning we see 4 kids sitting on top of a car talking...and these kids are blatantly British. I'm a Brit...I can tell a British accent. We then see the kids watching the band play...although I'm not entirely sure if it's the exact same kids. Are the two parts filmed in the UK and one over here in Tel Aviv? Either way, it's fun seeing the band get pelted with paint by what I guess is meant to be little versions of themselves. 
    The band are currently on tour in Europe and the UK, having even played Groezrock this passed weekend. The album, Bad Habits, is to be released soon and I, along with many others who donated to the making of it, have already had a listen to it and will be posting my review in due course.
  For the time being....ENJOY!!

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