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Live Review: Joliette/Mondo Gecko/Zaga Zaga @ Koro, Tel Aviv [18th April 2015]

     After touring together in Europe, Israeli nutcases Zaga Zaga and Mexican noise makers Joliette play the final show of their joint tour at Koro, Tel Aviv.

Zaga Zaga

   As readers know, I have seen these Zaga Zaga quite a few times already since they began. I didn't quite get it at first; was a little too jazzy, technical and noisy for me on the first couple of times I saw them. After a while, you begin to actually hear melody in what they do and find yourself shouting along to songs like The Dancer and (I Just Called To Say) I Hate Your Band. It also looks like they've officially added a cover of Devo's Uncontrollable Urge. Despite being worlds apart in style, these boys manage to play the cover in a way that sounds similar to the original but still doesn't sound out of place amongst their disjointed shouting hardcore punk. What really impresses me about the band each time is their energy and and enthusiasm on stage. They clearly love what they play and love performing and that is a joy to see. Their tour mates Joliette have also been impressed by them and going crazy and singing along on songs. 


Mondo Gecko

    Mondo Gecko is one of those Israeli bands who really only manages to play a few times a year. I have seen them a few times over the years. Like most of the other Israeli bands in the scene, they are always great fun to see live...mainly because frontman Nadav is also in those other bands that are great live. Mondo Gecko, having a mixture of metal and punk musicians in the band, play what can be considered as "crossover thrash".  I'm pretty sure none of their songs are over two minutes long, if that. There are a few long time fans of the band here tonight running about and singing along. I've definitely seen a better turn out for them but the band still play with the utmost gusto and Nadav constantly gets the crowd going by jumping in amongst them. I am also pretty sure a ladder was used. Yeh...that sounds right...  The songs themselves are so short that it's hard to really appreciate them, but if you like your thrash, Mondo Gecko are a band to check out.



    Admittedly, I had never heard of this Joliette until I heard about their joint tour and also split Ep with Zaga Zaga. Only a few days before this show, I checked them out for the first time and really liked what I heard. They play Converge-like hardcore but seeing as I've never been that much of a converge fan, I have to add that this is much better, in my opinion. 

    From time to time, the band play similar crazy hardcore like Zaga Zaga, like on Pisca de Cotsco from their split Ep with said band and on Todos Odian from their Principia album. Even on both those songs, Joliette add a hint of melodic hardcore, sometimes similar to bands like Glassjaw and Finch, and even heavy beatdown bits to switch it all up and it sounds great. Il Yonzorno, from their split with LYED from Texas, is very melodic and diverse in its dynamics and thus my favourite from the set. 

   Just like Joliette during the Zaga Zaga set, Zaga Zaga and some others more familiar with the band were going nuts. At one point, Zaga Zaga drummer Heshbon got on stage and sang with them.
   The band, like the others, are full of energy live. Bassist Gaston and guitarist Fernando give it everything, both vocally and physically. Other guitarist Juan also rocks out in the corner of the stage while drummer Gabo gives some of the best drumming I've ever seen. There were times when I was just totally mesmerised by his display of innovation. 

When it comes to bands who play this sort of hardcore, I was definitely impressed by Joliette and hope they get more recognition. I hope they enjoyed their time out here, because we certainly did.


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