Monday, 11 May 2015

Review: MooM - First EP [2015]

    MooM is a brand new band featuring Sima on vocals (Not On Tour), Ez Ra on guitar (The Orions), Gad on bass (has probably been in bands I don't know) and Heshbon on drums (Zaga Zaga). I first saw these guys at a show at Tel Aviv's central bus station and I was absolutely gobsmacked! Despite having a female singer from a pop punk band and a guitarist from a surf band, MooM play fast paced crust/sludge a la EYEHATEGOD. Having only 4 songs and lasting 4:45 minutes, this First EP still probably isn't the shortest EP or even album ever released but it has to come close. 
   As a fan of bands like EYEHATEGOD and Napalm Death, this band feed that love of dirty riffs, super speed and venomous vocals. Sima's vocals give a slightly more punk edge and actually remind me of other Israeli band MESS. The backing vocals (I think done by Gad) add a hint of death metal/grindcore to the mix. With the added factor that this is a purely live recording, the whole thing just sounds raw and brain meltingly demonic.
   I wish this wan't just a 4 track EP and am looking forward to at least 10 minutes more of this kind of stuff from them. I guess seeing them live will have to do for the time being.  

  For fans of EYEHATEGOD, DOOM and Extreme Noise Terror


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