Friday, 4 December 2015

Skunk Anansie go clubbing on new track and video, Love Someone Else

In a similar vein to some other acts I have written about on here, such as Incubus, Alanis Morissette and Republica, my fondness for Skunk Anansie goes way back to first hearing the song Weak. It was really when I saw the video for All I Want that I knew this was a band for me.

Over the years, the band has experimented with styles and kept more of a leaning to their softer side than that of their heavier, groove-based material. The bass lines are still there and Skin's strong vocals might never ever fade, but I personally haven't been able to connect too much with more recent material, such as the Wonderlustre and Black Traffic albums, despite still having beautifully well written songs and the odd uptempo rock out number

Love Someone Else comes from the forthcoming album, Anarchytecture, and incorporates that rave feel, that has been present in the band's later years, which is supported by the video being set in some sort of squat party. Normally, the electro pop would be mixed in with some heavy parts, but this track is pretty much a straight forward dance track and very MTV friendly. Skin still belts out the chorus which is sure to be able to get a crowd going, but it makes you wonder if this would have been better as a Skin solo track, if she was ever to go back to that.

With enough publicity, this song has the potential to get the band's name out into the UK charts again, which they have failed to do in recent years compared to in the rest of Europe. I'm still intrigued to check out the rest of the album, hoping to hear a mixture of styles, funky bass lines and Skin's unmistakable high notes.

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