Friday, 4 December 2015

Ignite release new single "Nothing Can Stop Me"

The amazing Orange County hardcore punk band, IGNITE, just dropped a new single from their forthcoming album, The War Against You, set for release 8th January 2016 via Century Media.

Having fallen in love with them since hearing the song Veteran, I always eagerly awaited what they will bring out next. Our Darkest Days was a good record; not something I have been listening to over and over again despite having anthemic songs. It just all seemed a bit too "polished" compared to previous records.

This new single, Nothing Can Stop Me, has the same high quality production and almost commercial sound as the last album. It still has front man Zoli's amazingly distinctive vocals but over all has a very Rise Against feel, which isn't a bad thing. It's catchy and "easy listening" enough to bring in some new fans and still has heavier punk parts near the end, which will appease long time fans. It is also a positive message and quite empowering, something that has always been another attractive quality about the band.

Personally, I'm hoping to hear more of a mixture of grooves and fast paced hardcore on the new album like on the early material. Criticism aside, it is still great to finally hear something new from the boys which is still essentially IGNITE!

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