Saturday, 19 December 2015

Review: Deceit - Disconnected EP (2015)

  From the land of fried mars bars, haggis and bagpipes, new Edinburgh hardcore outfit, Deceit, have dropped their first EP, Disconnected
  With a majority of "hardcore" nowadays being more of the slow, sludgy beatdown kind a la Desolated and Nasty, Deceit draw influence from more of the 90s/early 2000s tough guy hardcore that I grew up listening to in my teens. Made up of former members of War Charge and Frontline, they're actually very reminiscent of other UK bands, such as Knuckledust and early Stamping Ground
  From the very first track, Worn, Deceit deliver a mixture of grooves, tough vocals and cool riffs. The vocals throughout are very similar to those of Pierre of Knuckledust, only a tad more coherent but with also a little less aggression. On final track, Control, there is even a hardcore 'OOF', which, although used by a fair few tough guy bands, was almost identical to those of Pierre. 
  Personally, this EP takes me back to the hardcore that got me into hardcore and therefore pleases me a lot. The songs are mostly along the same context of the struggle within today's society which can be very relatable. It might musically have its similarities to other bands but it doesn't hide the band's talent. It's also nice not to hear shout outs about a crew or "being hardcore". 
  Fans of 90s/00s UKHC will definitely love Deceit, whereas those into newer bands might find it dated and unoriginal. There's no surprises or experimentation on here but the songs still manage to not sound the same. Control is certainly the EP's highlight for me, with its crushing groove and gang vocals, but every song is enjoyable and the production quality all round is impressive for an unsigned band.


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