Monday, 28 December 2015

New video from all girl punk band, MAID of ACE

MAID of ACE hail from the East Sussex (UK) town of Hastings. Made up of sisters Alison, Anna, Abby and Amy, all with the cool initials of ACE (hence the name, I'm guessing), they've technically been rocking out together since their first gig at school in 2005 but only released their debut self titled album in 2014 and have slowly but surely been making a name for themselves in the punk circuit.

I believe I discovered the girls through their video for Bone Deth, which sees the girls cycling around town while shouting along to the song. The video is incredibly well shot and, although I may just be stupid, it took me a while to notice the trickery involved. Comparisons to bands like Civet and Distillers are obvious but still valid. As well as that raw, female punk rock style, the song itself was ever so slightly reminiscent of the punkier side of Japanese band Mad Capsule Markets. MAID of ACE don't really do the electronic/digital hardcore thing but there was something in it that made them stick out from straight up punk rock.

Stay Away comes off the new album due for release in the new year. It mostly has that straight up punk rock feel but also has a crushing groove in the chorus. The video is a little simpler than that of Bone Deth, with the band playing their track in what seems to be an abandoned house/squat.

For those who like dirty punk rock, MAID of ACE will not disappoint. They've got some European dates in the new year and will also be playing the magnificent Rebellion Fest in Blackpool in August (4th-7th).


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