Friday, 24 July 2015

The 1840s release video for new song, Smile

   Those who have read my blog before will know that I have a soft spot for Israeli '90s-style alt. rockers The 1840s. Their sweet harmonies and bouncy rhythms really strike a chord with me. I put them on a show as headliners but the turn out was disappointing. I guess most Israelis don't get this sort of thing.
    Smile is from the band's latest release, The Eighteen-Forties, which officially comes out today (review soon to come.) Both the track and the video are sweet. Technically, they're both bittersweet when you really pay attention.
    If you have ever liked bands such as Pavement and/or Guided By Voices, you will certainly appreciate The 1840s lighthearted melodies.  

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