Saturday, 25 July 2015

New single by Meg Myers, Lemon Eyes

   Meg Myers, Nashville born singer/songwriter now based in LA, came to my attention via her song Desire (from the Make A Shadow EP) being in the background of a bizarre video of a semi-clad woman making a milkshake. (I can't seem to find the link anymore. If anyone knows which video I mean, please post the link.) As mesmerising as the video content itself was, it was the spooky and almost industrial vibe of the song that really stood out for me. 

 New single, Lemon Eyes, will feature on her upcoming debut full length, Sorry, alongside the previously released single of the same name and songs from Make A Shadow, such as Desire. In the same way as Desire, there's something about the mixture of Myers' vocals, the dark tones and the rock rawness of it all that makes Lemon Eyes one of the coolest contemporary pop/rock songs out at the moment. From the get go, the choppy guitar makes you realise that this song is going to be good. Even those into heavier music should be able to appreciate the splendid craftsmanship on display here.

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