Thursday, 30 July 2015


  I am quite in love with Slaves, at the moment. The album, Are You Satisfied? (which I have been meaning to review), took the UK by storm, reaching number 8 in the UK Album Charts, and the punk rock duo from Kent have been impressing everyone with their live performances at festivals and headline shows all over the place.

  Like previous videos, the video for latest single, Sockets, is weirdly imaginative...or imaginatively weird. I can't quite decide. Either way, it's both creepy and cool at the same time. They cleverly elaborate on the double meaning of "socket", as the leading character's eyes and household electrical appliances are the main focuses here while the band perform on the TV.
   The song is an absolute stomper of an anthem. Slaves in general seem to have an aura of early Gallows about them. In the same way that Gallows had a mix of old punk rawness and hardcore energyin their sound, Slaves have that same rawness and a bit of that energy just all in a bit more of an alt rock package. They also have a quirkiness and sense of fun about them which is what's making them so loveable right now.
   Check out the track and check out the album.

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