Tuesday, 28 July 2015

New single and video from UK's Let's Talk Daggers

   I came across the name Let's Talk Daggers some time last year when I saw them listed to play a London show with Israeli hardcore band Kids Insane. The three-piece from Eastbourne, UK, play chaotic music, mixing elements of hardcore and experimental.
  Today, they have released their video for latest single, I Love You Dad, But I'm Mental, the first to come from their upcoming debut full length, A Beautiful Life. Both the song and the video are all over the place. It has a hint of Mr Bungle/Fantomas about it in general but switches between punk, disjointed hardcore, jazz and even latin music.
   If you like your music jam-packed full of changing time signatures but still angry and energetic, then check this out. If you like this, then you can go and see them for FREE at The Unicorn in Camden, London, tomorrow night (just in case I actually have any London readers.)

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