Monday, 10 November 2014

Review: Relics - Beast Market

Metal band Relics hail from Huddersfield in Yorkshire (pr. yaaarksheeer), UK. For those who don't know where that is, it's halfway between Manchester and Leeds. For those who don't exactly know where that is, look at a map. (It's what I had to do. Haven't been that far north of Sheffield in some years.)
First things first, the artwork of the Beast Market EP really grabs you. The whole concept of beast, skulls and other weird things plus the drawing style itself makes you hope that what you're going to hear is heavy as hell. They also self proclaim that they love "riffs". And that....that they've got.
Opening track Death By Lead definitely helps set the tone. We start with distortion leading into thumping snares and toms and are then met with rung out guitars and the rough exclamation of the titular DEEEEEATH......BYYYY.....LEEEAAAD. And then it begins....the riffs. Heavy hitting verses that, like all good stoner, make you want to bang your head and throw horns. The vocalist is very reminiscent of Ben Ward (Orange Goblin) and even Phil Anselmo (Pantera/Down/Superjoint Ritual/everything else he's done) in places.
All 3 songs on the EP provide the riffs we are promised "on the tin". These guys understand both riffs, groove and the importance of diversity. As similar as the vocalist is to the aforementioned frontmen, he does it flawlessly. I especially love him in 3rd track The Circus. There is the powerfully sung "LOOOOSER"and the Fantomas/Maximum The Hormone style ramblings of...whatever the hell he's saying at that point. It sounds amazing, whatever it is. There's even a "gangstyle" chant in this song, which, in my experience, you don't really get in much stoner. Then again, these guys don't even consider themselves "stoner". They describe themselves as "metal, riff, rock and roll, punk and hardcore". Rock and roll is a definite yes. This is "heavy rock and roll" and I'm totally down with that. Anyone else who is will love this too.

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