Friday, 28 November 2014

My spontaneous Black Friday purchases

Today is Black Friday. I've never really given much thought to Black Friday, mainly because it's an American thing, being traditionally the day after Thanksgiving, and never really used to be a big deal in the UK. Suddenly, it is and we even have it in Israel.

I was out in central Tel Aviv today to check out this expo at the Dizengoff shopping centre, where certain companies specified for the Anglo/Expat community were promoting themselves and giving out deals. After I popped into that, I was making my way to my bus stop and decided to go into HaOzen HaShlishit (The Third Ear) record/music shop. As it happens, the shop was taking part in Black Friday. So I thought I'd have a nosey around and see if anything caught my eye. I ended up buying 4 second hand CDs which were 50% off and decided last minute to get the new Prince album, fall or around £21/$33 altogether.


CIV - Thirteen Day Getaway (1998)
I seemed to be having difficulty downloading CIV albums. I'm not that massive a fan, although that's only because I'm not that familiar with all of CIV's work. Looking through the CDs in the shop, I just saw this and thought "This is only going to cost me about 3 quid". So I bought it. CIV are a New York hardcore punk band that was formed after the demise of the legendary Gorilla Biscuits. Thirteen Day Getaway is their second full length album.

China Drum - Goosefair (1996)
Another album that just jumped at me was the debut album by Northumberland rock band China Drum. I gained a sweet spot for this band some time back after discovering some music videos online and loving the fact they had a singing drummer. They had a few changes over the years. Singing drummer Adam Lee moved to full time vocal duties, a new drummer was added and they changed their name to The Drum in 1999 before later disbanding in 2000. They reunited in 2013 back under the China Drum name. I was also weirdly having trouble downloading China Drum's work so I'm hoping this isn't going to be a wasted purchase. I don't think so.

The Suicide Machines - Battle Hymns (1998)
The Suicide Machines are a ska punk/hardcore band from Detroit. Over the years, I have heard and downloaded the odd song, including popular songs like High Anxiety, No Face (one of my favourite skater/ska punk songs) and War Profiteering... Battle Hymns is their second full length and is said to be where they started to incorporate a more hardcore sound and writing shorter songs. I am already familiar with the track Give and I'm hoping the rest makes the rest of this 22 track (longest track 2:19, shortest 0:05) album worth the £3.20.

Suicidal Tendencies - S/T (1983)
Upon seeing the self titled debut by LA crossover thrashers Suicidal Tendencies, I thought to myself "ahh...go on, then." Having now checked my itunes, turns out a pretty much already have all the tracks on this album in the form of the Still Cyco After All These Years album. Whereas the tracks on Still Cyco... are re-recordings, this is the original first album. I guess there's no harm in having it. Not at Black Friday prices.

Prince - Art Official Age (2014)
I really did not want to overdo it by buying too much, but there was a 10% discount on new releases and I saw the new Prince album and was obliged to get it. I then realised that Prince's other album with 3rdeyegirl, PlectrumElectrum, was released at the same time. Not only that but the new Rancid album is out too. I thought to myself "just choose one, mate. You're trying to be more careful with your money." On further thought, I should have taken better advantage of Black Friday and bought some new clothes....Ah well! What's done is done. I've just been listening to Art Official Age while writing this whole post and I'm glad I'm in possession of it instead of downloading it for free. Although it is not a punk, metal, hardcore or even really an alternative record, I will get a review up in due course.

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