Thursday, 6 November 2014

Review: Busha!! - What You Gonna DO? (demo)

Busha!! (Eng.= Disgrace) are a young band from the Tel Aviv region. I've known these guys for a while now and it's weird to think that some of them are still in school. They are always coming to shows, showing their support to other bands and having a good ol' dance. They have been playing shows themselves for quite some time. They play pretty straight forward punk rock with social and sometimes political commentary. Despite being young and not necessarily the most amazing young musicians out there, they always gave (and still give) fun performances and people like me were looking forward to hearing some recordings.
After gaining a new guitarist in Daniel "Dim Sum", the band finally brought out this demo. The band seems to be stressing, both on the bandcamp page info and with the inclusion of Ani Demo (I am a demo) written on the cover photo, that this really is JUST A DEMO. To be fair, that is something that needs to be taken into account when listening. It's not squeaky clean, it doesn't have any special effects and, in all honesty, not everyone is playing that great. The important thing is that the songs are definitely THERE.
Over recent years, many DIY street punk/crusty punk bands have come and gone and I could never really differentiate between some bands. What I liked about Busha!! is that at times they have quick fire delivery in the vocals, thanks to Dean, which is a little different to a lot of the other bands in the scene right now. It's almost rapping...and I like that. The drummer, Amos, the youngest in the band, also doesn't just do standard d-beats all the time. He plays beats which help make a lot of the songs quite danceable. The song Pavement (the only song in English demo) is one of my favourites of theirs because of the groove in the chorus after shouting "THEY JUST DON'T WANNA KNOW!" It works so well with the build up given by, as previously mentioned, Dean's fast paced delivery in the street punk-like verses.
One may think that a band still in school might not be able to contribute much in the way of social and/or politically aware songs, but I think it's easier when you live in the Middle East. Kravy zeh Hachi, Achi (Eng. = Combat Is The Best, Dude) basically talks about the bands disinterest in joining the army and getting involved in war, plus their dislike in the state's need to control and manipulate. In a world with conscription and a government that makes questionable decisions, that's a pretty common subject of discussion. Tzeva Adom (Eng. = Red Alert) speaks of the effects of war on innocent people and how ridiculous it is to die for one's country. Shir Amok ve Romanti (Deep Romantic Song) on the other hand is a self proclaimed "nonsense song", involving sex in an alleyway and being disgusted by ones own semen. The chorus shows Busha!!'s ability to get a refrain into your head with "Ichs, Ichs, Ichs" (Eng. = Yuk, Yuk, Yuk) and has you singing along.
As demos go and also as young punk bands go, this is a fun little taster into what Busha!! hopefully have in store for the future. It happens with most bands, that the more you play songs, the better understanding you get of how the song should be played. Not only that, but your own musical ability improves in the process. As time goes on, I'm hoping that Busha!! really get themselves playing nice and tight and keep writing songs with fast vocals and bouncy choruses.

3/5 (for a demo, it's fun)

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