Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Welsh lads Houdini Dax release new video

Some years back (roughly 6-7), my old London band, Ghostnotes, played a show at the Windmill in Brixton, London. I can barely remember that show. Not because of too much drinking or anything (at least I don't think so), I just have a really bad memory for these sort of things and I don't know why. Small moments I can remember of this particular show is getting to play and sing my sex song Sweating In The Alley for the first and last ever time and getting to check out and chat with these Welsh lads.

Cardiff's Houdini Dax have been rocking the UK circuit for years yet are still pretty much unknown. Basing their music heavily on the likes of classic acts such as The Beatles and Beach Boys, they  manage to make music which is still current.

This latest single, Found Love In The Dole Office, is catchy, coherent and just unashamedly British (Welsh is still British..you know what I mean). It's a bit dreamy, like some of the stuff Arctic Monkeys have done in recent years. It might not be breaking massive ground but it's a song which could almost fit into any decade. That's actually quite a feat. Same could be said about the video itself which, compared to other Houdini Dax videos, is kept a little bit simple with just the band in the studio with some lights and projections. Seeing as the song pretty much tells the story of meeting a girl at the "dole office" (British slang for "Job Centre" or "Social Welfare Office"), it could have been very cheesy to have that played out in a video, so they certainly went the right way.

Ghostnotes may not have lasted as long as we hoped but I am glad that Houdini Dax is still going. They seem to be getting success in their native Wales but surely the time has come for that to spread?

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