Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Review: Copout - Spray Paint [2016]

Formed by 3/4 of the original Fourfunzies line-up, Copout from Rosh HaAyin, Israel, have recently released their first 7", Spray Paint.

As much as I loved the guys and did enjoy a few Fourfunzies' songs, there was always something a little bit too experimental with them which I didn't always get. With Copout, long term friends Uri (guitar/vocals), Omer (bass/vocals) and Nir (drum/vocals) still keep the essence of interesting, non-typical punk chords and slight jazzy arrangements but somehow wrapped up in a more hardcore punk package.

With 8 tracks in total, this record runs for a little under 8 minutes. The songs are short and mostly pretty fast, with the whole band joining in on vocals and putting all their blood and sweat into the playing. Oh No! kicks things off with a joyous ditty about time wasting. Anyone who hates having deadlines for either college papers or work will relate to this track. It might not be long enough to really be considered an "anthem" but its "Procrastination is the one thing I do great" chorus is catchy enough to be memorable and sung at shows. 

There are other melodic parts throughout which could be considered hooks, such as in Where Is Your Mind? and closing track Tied Down. The latter is the longest, most melodic and most structured song here. The others are all still good short blasts of punk, which I guess is what they're going for. The song writing is at least relatable and doesn't touch too much on politics. Personally, that's great. The record as a whole needs to be listened to a few times for the songs to get inside your head, but they will. 

Copout take the style and structure of acts such as Lifetime/Kid Dynamite/Paint It Black/basically anything with Dan Yemin, mixed with the energy of old school hardcore like Black Flag and Minor Threat and try and put a more technical spin on it. The band even include an impressive cover of Black Flag's Spray Paint, hence the record's title. They speed it up a bit more, utilise switching vocals and generally play it a whole lot tighter than the original. The tightness might lose the tracks initial intensity but only a tad. It's pretty hard to out-angry Henry Rollins.

I'm certainly looking forward to hearing a full Copout album but I've not been totally blown away by this. As a side note, they are a tight and impressive band to watch live, so if you ever get the chance, go do so.


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