Saturday, 6 February 2016

Check out the new video from Israeli hardcore newcomers Eternal Struggle

  It's interesting for me to discover new names in hardcore and even punk that don't just pop up from the same group of people from within the "scene". Some months back, I decided to check out a private show and video filming for Tel Aviv hardcore band Eternal Struggle and I was heavily surprised by how heavy and "my sort of thing" this band is.

  My first encounter with Eternal Struggle was their support slot with Biohazard. Whether it's exactly the same band, I'm not entirely sure. There was definitely male/female dual vocals for that show, whereas now there's just Ori, who has good gruff vocals. I also wasn't all that impressed. They came off as a very weak attempt at hardcore and did a sub-par rendition of Sick Of It All's Take The Night Off, although I still "got my mosh on".

  Now, their performance and this video/track has converted me into being an Eternal Struggle fan. Lost has a tough, bouncy groove, heavy riffs and some solid beatdown parts. If you watch carefully (and know what I look like), you can just about make me out, nodding my head in pure HC style. The camera-work might be a little bit shaky, but overall, it's a pretty cool video that reminds me of some videos from the early 2000s like Raging Speedhorn etc.

  Out of all the hardcore bands in Israel, including my favourites like Dust, Kids Insane and 03, Eternal Struggle, especially on this track, really take me back to the hardcore I grew up listening to, such as Biohazard, Madball and even Knuckledust. I actually find it quite depressing that Eternal Struggle seem to be in a whole different scene altogether from the other "hardcore" bands out here. It's because of this that they end up not doing a lot of shows that I get much notice about and mostly having a more "metal" crowd.

For everyone out there who likes groovy and heavy hardcore, Eternal Struggle are not something to ignore.

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