Friday, 27 November 2015

Daphne And Celeste are back with a surprisingly good track!


Ok, let me explain a few things.

  First of all, for those who have no idea who they are, Daphne and Celeste (Karen DiConcetto and Celeste Cruz) were a pretty disliked pop duo who still managed to have a short successful run near the turn of the new millennium with a few playground insult related songs (U.G.L.Y and Ooh, Stick You) as well as a cover of Alice Cooper's School's Out. Despite being American themselves, I think this was very much a British thing, in the same way as Ruby Wax and Lloyd Grossman. 
  They famously (somehow) got booked to play the main stage at Reading Festival (I don't think they did Leeds) in 2000 and were bottled by many a disgruntled "alternative" festival goer. After that, their reign just suddenly stopped, forever to be left in the vaults of our minds as the annoying girls who got bottled at a rock festival. 
  Personally, being the open minded weirdo that I am, I didn't mind them all that much. I guess I also sort of had a crush on them both. Maybe half because of that fact and half because of my simply curious mind, I decided to do a search for Daphne and Celeste to maybe see what they were up to. To my surprise, I found a music video for a song that they released earlier this year.

  Joining forces with electronic producer Max Tundra, the girls' single, You and I Alone, is a fair far cry from how they were a quarter of a century ago. Tundra has created a tune which is simplistic yet still catchy and even a tad "edgy" (make of that what you will). 
   Quite honestly, this track could have had anyone singing on it. The girls are hardly doing anything challenging vocally and are still clearly being helped by auto-tuning. That aside, the chorus was in my head for ages after my first listen of this.
   I am also blown away by how they have both barely aged. Obviously, they've grown and matured somewhat but they look practically the same. Celeste, in particular, is still pretty hot. But don't get me wrong. That's not really important here.

  If you're curious about the girls' new direction, check out the track below.

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