Sunday, 23 August 2015

New Order release video for recent single, Restless


  When it comes to bands having to live in the shadow of it's predecessor, there are a few that people can say have done it right. The demise of Operation Ivy gave us punk rock legends Rancid, Jimmy Page essentially turned The Yardbirds into Led Zepplin and Dave Grohl has had a good thing going on with Foo Fighters since the death of Cobain. Another name to add to that list is New Order. Factory Records didn't even think the former Joy Division members had a chance of making it without Ian Curtis until the success of the now legendary Blue Monday.
   The band have been greatly influential to many bands throughout the decades, including The Killers, who lifted their name from the fictitious band featured in the video for New Order's 2001 hit, Crystal

Their new single, Restless, which was released for download on 28th July, comes from the upcoming album, Music Complete, due for release 25th September. 

   The song has that sound that electro/new wave sound everyone is familiar with but whether it's a future classic, I'm not too sure. The video, on the other hand, is quite memorable as it is arty and, quite frankly, a bit confusing. There seems to be a hint of historical storytelling but with a modern twist thrown in. I have a feeling this was directed by the same guy who was trying to get me to incorporate tank and machine gun sounds into a production of King Lear. 

  The song will definitely please long time fans and hopefully the album will do very well. Check out Restless below. 

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