Thursday, 6 August 2015


   I love H2O. I've always liked the positivity and the "bounce" in their music. They're quite a big influence on my writing style for Woolly Boy. Saying that, one needs to wonder whether a band that has lasted 20 years is running out of ideas when they bring out a song about skating entitled ... er... Skate!
   Skate! comes from the Bridge Nine release Use Your Voice, coming out 9th October. As excited as I am to hear this album, this track doesn't currently blow me away. Then again, I don't skate, so maybe I just don't connect to it like I do some of their other work.

   The mere fact that they can still play straight up, super fast hardcore is definitely great to see. I'm hoping the rest of the album has a bit more groove on it and some proper good anthems. 

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