Friday, 9 January 2015

Promo and Interview: Yawning Dog

   For my first promo and interview article, I have the honour to bring to you YAWNING DOG!! The band have had the privilege of being named 2014 Breakthrough Artist of the Year by Musically Fresh, a well-known music site that this dummy has only just found out about!! 

  Yawning Dog hail from Hemsworth in West Yorkshire, UK and like loading peoples' ears with crazy, distorted grunge. I sent a few questions to guitarist and vocalist Sam and lead guitarist Ryan and they were willing to cooperate.

...Sort of....

  1. How and when did the band form?

    Ryan: We all met in a room 1 day before our 1st gig and played some music, and we saw that it was good.
  2. What kind of material were you playing around with at the beginning?

    Sam: Cloth.
  3. Where was your first show?

    R: First Show..
    S: Snooty Fox in Wakefield, with Penguin
    R: We were rubbish.
    S: Penguin we(re) awesome.
  4. What and when was your first release or upload?

    R: We have nothing to say on this matter.

  5. Who is the main writer of the band?

    R: We complete each other..
    S:  We're like 4 nuts in a ball sack
    R: Any idea that anybody has is channeled through the inner spirit of the dog and comes out mangled and with more fuzz and shouting.
  6. What is the Hemsworth/West Yorkshire scene like?

    S: We're half of the bands in Hemsworth, and the other is better.
    R: Yeah, Jam Abraham are an awesome band
    S: Hemsworth is a very small town though
    R: The West Yorkshire scene in general is great though.
    S: Check out Allusondrugs, Forever Cult, Treason Kings, NARCS, Valours.
  7. What are your dreams for the band?

    S: I want to win X Factor
    R: I once dreamt we'd play and people would turn up, and then the next week they did… Spooky
  8. What's the weirdest thing to happen to you or that you witnessed at one of your shows or on tour?

    R: Playing in a prison
    S: Thats how we met
    R: I was in for insider trading
    S: I was a Cheese thief
  9. What is everyone's aftershow snack of choice?

    R: We're all too full from the big fat grungeyness
  10. What's your poison?

    S: Arsenic

    (They probably would have said that even if I just asked "Favourite drink?")
  11. Best venue you played at?

    R: Probably Parish in Huddersfield, for our single launch
    S: 360 in Leeds is great as well, we want to play there again at some point.
  12. Worst venue you played at?

    R: 'Castonbury'; it was a fundraiser for a rugby club in Castleford and we were really out of place.
  13. What was your favourite kids' show growing up?

    S: Teen Titans
    R: Thomas the Tank Engine
  14. What's your favourite show now?

    R: Collectively we all enjoy Trailer Park Boys
    S: Breaking Bad and Simpsons
  15. Pearl Jam or Soundgarden?

    S: Smashing Pumpkins
    R: Sonic Youth
  16. Rancid or NOFX?

    S: The Clash
    R: Minor Threat

    ("Neither" would have sufficed, too, you know?)
  17. What's your favourite recent chart/pop song?

    S: They're all too good
    R: We're all massive fans of Nicki Minaj and you can hear that in the music.
  18. What was your favourite release of 2014?
           S: Allusondrugs EP
           R: Led Zeppelin Re-issues

For any of you dotted around the UK, these are Yawning Dog's upcoming dates, including a tour with Bi:Lingual.

17th Jan - Santiagos Bar, Leeds
29th Jan - Mulberry's Tavern, Sheffield*
30th Jan - Players Bar, Wakefield*
31st Jan - Carpe Diem, Leeds*
1st Feb - Parish, Huddersfield*
19th Feb - South Sea, Sheffield
26th Feb - Spread Eagle, York
*Bi:Lingual Tour support

Here are all the links where you can check out the bands work and follow them on their merry journey through life..:

Don't Be Shy, Vlad

I've Only Got One Ghost

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