Saturday, 24 January 2015


One of the most awaited albums of last year for hardcore and rap metal fans was Body Count's Manslaughter. We were first given a taste with the single and video release of Talk Shit, Get Shot. That helped set the tone of the album, continuing with the band's tongue-in-cheek ultra-violent storytelling and expressions of anger. The album was no disappointment to fans; almost every song is killer. One of the highlights is their hilarious rendition of the Suicidal Tendencies classic Institutionalized. Rapper/Actor Ice T takes the classic track and updates it with "modern day annoyances" such as stupid customer service reps and VEGANS!! (No offense. Ok....some offense.) When listening to the track, you are already playing out the situations in your head. It was only about time that they would make a video. 

And here it finally is!! Like the song, the video pays tribute to the original, basically acting out the song word for word. If anything, this proves to us that BC are not to be taken too seriously. Even those who don't like BC will enjoy this video.

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