Monday, 26 January 2015

Live Review: DUST/Lunamore/Woolly Boy @ Syrup, Haifa [23rd January 2015]

  This review is going to be quite brief but it should not diminish its' importance. Not only is this the first show in Haifa (north of Israel) that I am writing about but it is also my band's first ever show.

Woolly Boy

Obviously, I'm not going to rate my own my band. I will however say thanks to Sasha of hardcore04 for putting us on this show, thanks to the sound engineer and barman at Syrup and to all who came to watch us. For a first show, we just sort of went with it. We had a few mess ups due to not enough practices but I like to think the stuff we played well sounded good. Unfortunately no-one filmed us. 
Next time....


Lunamore are one of those bands who do that emotional, well orchestrated, experimental "screamo" type music that is quite popular. The young 3-piece, as always, gave a great performance. They set themselves up on stage as they would in rehearsal; they stand in a triangle facing one another. This is a good idea as they are able to still stay in communication with one another and in sync even while playing ever changing time signatures, dynamics and rhythm patterns. Lunamore are the type of band that you do not need to have listened to their stuff before to enjoy live. A good part of their set is mostly instrumental and moves from being beautiful to frantic within seconds. Yam explores his guitar pedals while Bar shows how varied his drumming repertoire is and Naama handles bass duties effortlessly. Having seen them live a few times before, there is the odd riff here and there that has me smiling and whirling my head around. I believe they have been in the studio working on something and I can't wait to hear that.


I simply love Dust. Not only do I love that they're really the only Israeli band playing this style of groove-lead hardcore and doing it right, I've gotten to know them a little bit better as people and they are great guys. As well as playing tracks off of their self titled ep (namely Midas Touch, Slipping Away, Numb and PMA), the band also plays some tracks that I recognise from other shows (such as the one including the "I'm tired of being sick and I'm sick of being tired" refrain) and some brand new songs. The band are tight, which is not easy when you're also switching time signatures within song. I hope these guys bring some new record out soon and start making a name for themselves outside of Israel.

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