Saturday, 9 July 2016

See Jeronimo's session for Live From The Garage

Some years back, I was impressed by a fairly unknown band called Jeronimo after seeing them play a show (pretty much to no-one) at Koro. A few years, one EP and hundreds of shows later, the band are just moving up and up. They recently won the Kochav Met (A Star Is Dead/Dead Star) competition and are soon (I hope) releasing some new material. Instead of waiting for the next release, the film crew of Dybbuk Studio and the Garage rehearsal room in Tel Aviv bring to you Jeronimo playing 3 of their latest songs. 

Despite having a more garage rock feel on their self titled EP, the band's newer songs really showcase the band's more post-punk influences, adding more groove, jazzier chords and an all round darker edge. Dear Tee 'O almost touches upon stoner rock, with a massive pounding groove which suddenly involves into a more progressive sound while still being punk rock. Fast Walker manages to start off in a Fugazi fashion, with a solid bass line and shouting yet veer off into Muse-like operatics, courtesy of bassist and joint vocalist Auriya. Final song, Lions Suspended In The Air, is an erratic number, as it goes from being crazy to trippy and laid back, then to being more aggressive again.

Jeronimo have definitely evolved musically, garnering a maturer and more experimental sound. It's not all my cup of tea (just because I don't really like long songs too much) but they are certainly a band to look out for.

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