Saturday, 23 July 2016

Review: Eternal Struggle - Breaking & Entering EP [2016]

Finally! After years of perfecting their sound and playing shows, tough Tel Avivian hardcore outfit, Eternal Struggle, have released their debut EP, Breaking & Entering. Filled with five tracks of hardcore and groove metal inspired heaviness, this release is refreshing for both the Israeli hardcore and metal scene.

Proclaiming to take influences from hardcore big names such as Hatebreed, Terror and Madball, I also can't help but think of bands like London kings Knuckledust, Dutch hardcore outfit Born From Pain and even NY beatdown veterans Bulldoze (just a little bit). Although there is still a fair bit of standard one chord chugging here and there, it still sounds a lot heavier than most of the djenty "breakdowns" that so-called "hardcore" bands nowadays do. Most notably, in the track Lost, guitarist Omer plays a slow and heavy, hummable palm muted beatdown which will certainly cause ninja antics over in Europe if not in Israel, where it's not really the norm.

Throughout the EP, every song is groove heavy which makes me very happy. There's no "hardcore d-beats" on here, though. The fast bits seem to be mainly a simpler beat with the snare on every full beat and kick on every half (hopefully drummers know what the hell I'm on about. I don't know if there's a name for it.) It unfortunately makes a lot of the EP a bit samey and not as interesting as it could be. Normally, it could be a sign that the drummer is not up to it, but as the impressive fills in the likes of final track Pride Kills show, drummer Ori (aka Shiny) is certainly a more than competent drummer.

Vocalist Ori (aka Franko) has a very rough voice, reminiscent of previously mentioned bands, as well as sometimes touching upon the more shouting style of Lou Koller of Sick Of It All. Both the vocals and the lyrical content are not really anything new or ground breaking. There's even some pretty cliché sing along attempts, like in opening track Freedom Denied. Despite that, Eternal Struggle musically fill a gap that has long been empty in the Israeli scene.

For me personally, Breaking & Entering brings back memories of going into Camden almost every week to see the London tough guy bands and their European or American friends all playing crushing, groove based hardcore with beatdowns that saw everyone punching the air and spin kicking. I've sort of missed it. Hopefully, Eternal Struggle will reach the hardcore scenes across Europe and even stateside. They certainly have the music to do so but could do with a little bit more originality. 


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