Monday, 23 May 2016

Spraygun War Is Buckcherry Gone Dubstep

I am seriously unsure of how to feel right now. Despite other people's views, I still like Buckcherry. I loved the self titled debut, I liked Time Bomb, they then had some hits which were "ok", in my opinion, and the more recent FUCK Ep and Rock n Roll album had them sounding more like their old material again in parts. I've even been known to admit to having a bit of a man-crush on frontman Josh Todd, despite looking like a tattooed Willem Dafoe in hindsight. Mr Todd and Buckcherry guitarist Stevie D have created a side project that goes in a completely different direction to their hard rock roots.

Spraygun War is the duo's new dubstep style outfit and doesn't seem like a joke. Personally, their track OMG could be sooo much worse....but it could also be sooo much better. I don't have that much of a problem with dubstep in general but this isn't even all that creative for the genre. Josh Todd's rapping (yes, rapping!) lacks any real substance. Josh tries to tackle the tricky subject of war and religion but it comes off like a cliche activist preaching to passers by. The chorus does have a bit more bite to it but on the whole the song is pretty weak. Even the guitar stabs don't do much for the track.

OMG's video is annoyingly pretty well shot; simple yet affective. It does feel weird to see Josh Todd acting younger as time goes on. In the video for their expletive cover of Icona Pop's I Love It, the Buckcherry frontman is sporting a NWA cap. In this video, he is sporting his very own Spraygun War cap. That's right! They already have their own caps!! Along with the tattoos, the chains, the wifebeater and shooting the video next to urban graffiti, it's all slipping into Escape The Fate territory and is, quite frankly, embarrassing. 

All that being said, I respect them for attempting something different to the more traditional hard rock they normally do. It shows that they're more open minded than some "ageing" rockstars, although it could be an attempt to "get down with the kids". Spraygun War's Ep Into The Blackness is due for release June 10th. Guess what... I'm probably going to check that out purely out of curiosity.

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