Tuesday, 24 May 2016

New Sweatshop Boys demo track

 Despite constantly having to compete with this band when they do shows on the same day as Woolly Boy, Sweatshop Boys are the current Israeli kings of catchy and uplifting fuzzy pop punk. I may not have given them the best review for the last EP, Always Polite, Never Happy, but simply because the songs didn't do much for me compared to the songs on previous record, The Great Depression, not because I don't like them.

  Vertigo is a new track that the band are demoing as a taster of their next record which they will start recording soon. It has a bit of a Descendents/Pegboy/early Social Distortion feel, with raspy vocals layered over up tempo punk rock. The song seems to use "vertigo" as a way of describing one's personal downward spiral. Personally, it sees the band back on track on writing some both catchy and punchy socially aware anthems.

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