Monday, 13 April 2015


   Once again, Punkalovich brings to you a 5-in-1 new track post.

Bleach Blood - London In The Rain

   Admittedly, I'm once again a bit late on this one. This single from London band Bleach Blood, led by former King Blues guitarist Jamie Jazz, was actually put out a few months back and the new album All The Side of a Circle came out on 2nd March. This is finally their debut album, including their previously released songs such as Let Your Heart Sing and H.O.P.E. Although only mildly impressed with the band's beginnings, this song has put me in my place with it's poppy verses, catchy chorus and anthemic hook. The video has Jamie walking around London with his own private dark cloud raining down on him. Although the song seems to have a gloomy element to it, the song itself actually sounds quite uplifting. That sort of ability is always a quality I find impressive in a song, like with artists such as Beck and The Eels (despite Mr E's monotone vocals). Check out the tune and check out the album if you like what you hear.

Love Amongst Ruin - Swan Killer

    Here's another London band with a former member of a well-known band. Love Amongst Ruin is fronted by former Placebo drummer Steve Hewitt and Swan Killer is the first song to be released from the forthcoming album Lose Your Way.
   From what I remember of LAR's earlier stuff back in 2010, the band always had a dark feel about it. This track has a more subtle darkness and basically just rocks.
   On a side-note, I have a bit of a strange connection to the band. While still living in London and going through a bit of a bad patch, I answered a drummer ad that happened to be for Love Amongst Ruin. I got in touch and practised the songs sent to me and went to the audition. I got to meet and play with Steve and the rest of the band. Unfortunately, I didn't get the gig. My move to Israel was actually pretty much depending on whether I got into that band or not. If I only they had said yes, I would have stayed in the UK. Just imagine....
      Check out Swan Killer on Soundcloud. The album Lose Your Way is due for release on 1st June.

Gevolt - Khokhotshet

     They're called Gevolt. They're from Israel. They sing in Yiddish. They play metal.

I've only just discovered this band but they have already been around in one form another for quite a few years and have now released a new "Nu Klezmer Metal" single, Khokhotshet (don't know what it means). Because of vocalist Anatholy Bonder's tonal similarities to that of Till Lindemann, the band generally comes off sounding a bit like Rammstein but with more klezmer elements, of course. So if you like Rammstein, folk metal and Yiddish, check them out.

Well Planned Attack - I'm Mrs Nesbitt, You See The Hat?

    You can sort of tell we've gone into pop punk territory based on the song title alone. Well Planned Attack are from Vincenza, Italy, and this song is taken from their latest EP A Place To Call Home. If you like fast, melodic pop punk, then you will not disappointed by these guys. This track in particular certainly isn't groundbreaking, but it is catchy and the band has great energy.


Idle Hands - Waste Of Flesh

    Finally, we take it back to my endz (I don't know....That's how the kids today talk, apparently). Idle Hands are another band from the London/Rucktion hardcore scene. Compared to their The Worst Times EP, Waste Of Flesh is the most Beatdown thing they've done yet. Pretty much the entire track is one giant fuzzy, sludgey beatdown. As heavy as it is and as much as it reminds me of one of my favourite UK bands of yesteryear, Eviscerate AD, it just seems all a bit too much. What do you make of it?

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