Monday, 6 April 2015

New Artist Promo: MOODKILLER

  I have been given the honour to bring to you, the Punkalovers (working title..might not catch on..), a new artist EXCLUSIVE!! (At least I think it's an exclusive...)

    From the "Occupied Cherokee and Creek Lands" aka Alabama comes new band MOODKILLER. For my Israeli readers, MOODKILLER is a punk-disco project including David of Sigfried and RoidRage. For those not from Israel or simply not familiar with him, David was travelling the world (parts of it, anyway) playing acoustic shows with punk songs he had written as well as some folk songs. After finding some amazing people in Israel, David formed Sigfried and RoidRage with Amit (Ex-Erev Rav/Bnei Zanot Nazim, Almunim Metim) and Guy (The Orions). David was beloved by the Tel Aviv scene but then moved back home (still beloved).
    Fortunately, David has teamed up with Jen (vocals), Tino (Bass/Drums/Guitar/Synth), Josh (Guitar/Bass/Synth) and Trevor (Drums/Bass) to make music which makes you think, drink and be merry. The band members have all been playing in bands (such as The Piss Shivers, Roll Tight and The Nightmare Boyzzz amongst many others) and/or at least been active in the DIY punk scene in the South for around 20 years. In the band's own words:

We started this band because there's too much macho bullshit going on here. We believe that celebration can be liberation. We are ardently anti-police and anti-fascist. We like to boogie. We like to shotgun beers.

  The band have 3 tracks on their soundcloud and hopefully many more to come soon. Violence takes us to the late 70s and early 80s to where punk and electro were starting to blend. Good Job verges upon the Blondie side of disco-punk along with an Atomic-like riff. The song in general is also reminiscent of Scottish band Bis. Surfing To The Apocalypse is a creepy sounding surf number, with echoed vocals and B-movie style riffs. The band have a really fun vibe, probably due to them all singing along and also swapping around on instruments, which must be great to see live. For someone who hasn't been in a band before, main singer Jen has a great riot grrl voice which actually gives the songs a little something more sinister about them. 

I'll leave you with some final words form the band: 

We've been in bands you liked. We've been in bands you've hated. All and all we're the kids in the back, waiting to hand you a flyer for something real, off the internet or trying to scam another drink ticket so we can forget this strange place that we all share. You can contact the band at:

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