Monday, 30 March 2015

Live Review: Mahleket Hanikot Shotrim/Haifa Chemikalim/Tuberculizm @ Koro, Tel Aviv [28/03/2015]

    Tonight sees the second official Punkalovich show,  yet again at the Koro. Originally, Woolly Boy were also meant to play this show but in the end had to pull out. Luckily, Haifa band Tuberculizm were able to jump in at the very last minute. 


      This is my first time seeing Tuberculizm and I was pleasantly surprised. It all started to off a bit odd. First song was done with someone who wasn't their official singer and then the singer came along with an old skool grill mic. He was more like the co-singer. Couldn't really hear him most of the time and the bassist was doing most of the vocals. The singer was down in the pit really getting their Haifa fanbase and other onlookers energised and dancing. 

  Originally thinking it was going to be same old simple street punk, I found myself doing my usual happy-as-larry grin at some pretty groovy hardcore parts and heavy riffs. The band's playing is actually more technical than most street punk bands. The only problem for me is that most of the songs, if not all of them, were in Russian, and I don't know much Russian. They do, however, end the (quite long for an opening band) set with a sea-shanty style song, fit with a "ho ho and a bottle of rum" refrain. That was a really fun way to finish. 

  Tuberculizm are a good band but I do feel that there's too many private jokes and a bit of a "Haifa-club" feel about it. 


Haifa Chemikalim 

       Next up is another Haifa street punk band I hadn't seen yet. Haifa Chemikalim are fronted by Sasha, who was the lovely guy who gave Woolly Boy, the band I sing in, our first actual gig. Along with Busha, this band has some proper young band members. Generally being the main member of a band I focus on the most, Drummer, Eyal, plays with great precision and impressive fills. Baby faced Lenny takes bass duties and guitarist Idan helps back up Sasha on vocals. The band play slightly more straight up street punk compared to Tuberculizm and the room really digs it. Sasha moves from the stage to the floor, getting people moving and psyched up. Songs like Alcohol and their cover of Simu Et Yerushalayim especially went down well. They might not be the most technical or groundbreaking band there is, but damn it's fun!


Mahleket Hanikot Shotrim

     For some reason, Mahleket Hanikot Shotrim (Police Strangling Department) have not received the same turn out as they have done in the past. The band are considered legends; maybe not as legendary as Pussy Shel Lucy but definitely had a big underground following.

   Over the years, I must have seen Mahash (their abbreviated name) a good few times and the best thing about them is their energy. Frontman Barak is so entertaining that, I must admit, he's sometimes the only one I'm watching. His antics tonight include stage diving, sitting down with someone at the back of the room while singing and then taking his hat, walking over to me and singing right into my face and, the highlight, climbing to the top of a ladder (which was Sasha's idea) and singing from there before jumping off. Barak might not be as mental GG Allin but he definitely gives off that same sort of energy. The funniest,interesting and most heart warming thing about watching Barak is his dedication to removing smokers due to his asthma. I don't think I could ever get away with stealing a cigarette from someone's hand and putting it out on the floor but Barak does.

   The band had the crowd singing along to the likes of Al Tagid li Mahash and the legendary Yehovah Ya Ben Zonah. A good time was definitely had by all.


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