Monday, 16 March 2015


   Yay, it's brand new song time again! 
  I have already posted the new video from The Prodigy for the track Nasty, now there's another for Wild Frontier, a lyric video (not that there's that many words anyway) for album closer (according to wikipedia) Wall Of Death and an official audio video the titular track The Day Is My Enemy. Like Nasty, these tracks don't disappoint anyone who grew up with the Fat Of The Land era Prodigy. Wild Frontier has more of a modern electro feel about it and it's accompanying video is a well made dark stop animation focusing around animal cruelty. Both Wall Of Death and The Day Is My Enemy are brash and heavy. All have those class signature Prodigy beats and noises but Wall Of Death, to me, even has a bit of an Alec Empire quality about it. Saying that, who came first? Check it out for yourselves.

  The album, The Day Is My Enemy, is set for release on 30th March. Can't wait to hear it in full.

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