Wednesday, 4 February 2015


 It has been a while since I've written anything and I would like to start off with helping spread the new single from Israeli metalcore band Canine. As mentioned in a previous gig review, I have a connection to these guys and support them in their steps to world domination. Last Words Live Forever keeps the Canine vibe that we heard on the Degeneration Ep but with even added blast and thrash elements. New singer (Ben) Saada has absolutely amazing scream vocals. How he doesn't lose his voice every time beats me! The clean vocals are good too. Not too whiney.
  From what I can tell (I haven't asked the band themselves) the song seems to be from a soldier's perspective revolving around the saddening incidences where families find out their loved one has died in battle. It is a strong topic and quite important to many living in this country. I must, however, point out that "words" cannot be "dredged in blood". I think they mean drenched. Anyway..
   The musicianship and production on this track (recorded, mixed and mastered at Cast Iron Studios) is astounding. The beatdown from around 3:33 to 3:40 is pretty cool and the track ends up going into melodic heaven.

Good job, guys!

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