Sunday, 23 October 2016

Live Review: LISP/Petey's Dead/Methods @ Keoss Studios, Tel Aviv [8th September 2016]

Awww yehh! New band time! Tonight, I've come to Keoss studios in Tel Aviv (which has suddenly been doing more and more shows) to check out the debut shows for two punk trios. One is practically a supergroup and the other is a sort of reboot of a previous band.


Starting off the night is alt. rock/metal/punk/whatever trio Methods. Methods have been quickly gaining recognition and rightly so! I've already been impressed by their previous performances and their tracks online. Tonight, they start off their set a little differently than I remember, with a more progressive and jazzy instrumental, slightly reminiscent of bands like And So I Watch You From Afar and 65daysofstatic. Although not normally my thing, it still has enough groove and interesting parts to make my head sway. From there on in, the band continue with their own blend of alt. rock sensibilities and technical musicianship. Throughout their set, a mixture of different bands come to mind, including alternative legends Therapy?, post-hardcore band Quicksand, British metallers Earthtone9 and even fast melodic punk band Strung Out. The already familiar Sub-dimension and 1.1 have a few heads bobbing and the rest of the set is equally enjoyable. Drummer, Vladi, might have a few fumbles tonight here and there, but he is still one of the best technical drummers I've seen.The band are difficult to pigeonhole, but that makes them more intriguing and exciting.


Petey's Dead

Coming from the remains of the fairly unknown SaveIT, Petey's Dead still play the same Flatliners inspired punk. As well as new material, the band play the odd SaveIT track, such as the punchy and thought provoking Dennihalation In The Middle East from said band's first EP. The band may tackle quite political and serious subjects but do it subtly, which makes for good listening. There is nothing quite mind blowing about their performance but the material is incredibly well written. With guitarist Matan now in the ever-popular Not On Tour, Petey's Dead are getting more recognition and chances to play than SaveIT, so hopefully the music will start to speak for itself at shows and things will pick up.



While Petey's Dead is practically the same band with a new name, LISP is yet another product of different members of different bands wanting to create something new together. In this case, not only do we have Not On Tour bassist, Nir, and Kids Insane drummer, Yoni, but former Kids Insane guitarist, Assaf, is also on board.

Despite all being talented musicians from very reputable bands, LISP isn't quite the blend of hardcore and skater punk one was expecting. Instead, the songs tend to go along a more pop-punk vibe. As pleasant as the songs are, nothing quite grabs you or shocks you at all. Yoni's drumming does stand out, although not purely because of his skills like in previous bands. His heavy handed and more hardcore style comes off sounding a little out of place with the songs themselves.

Despite only having played one show, LISP are already in the process of making an album. It could very well be that their songs are just growers, so they might sound better on record. Either way, I'm looking forward to checking it out.


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