Friday, 2 September 2016


are one of those crossover hardcore/thrash bands that have a small but strong following. Not many people may have liked their last album, Open Mouth Kiss, which saw them take on more melody and a more groove-rock vibe. I am one of those people who absolutely fell in love with that album and it has become a big musical influence for me, personally. I have since discovered another band by Leeway frontman, Eddie Sutton, called Truth and Rights.

Truth and Rights brought out a 3 track EP, Green Light, in 2010 and are set to release a new full length album, Lies and Sleights. On Eddie's private (I'm guessing) soundcloud, he has previewed two new songs. Quite similar to the Truth and Rights EP and the latter Leeway material, both Games and Tommy Karate have got the right amount of groove, riffs and Eddie's powerful vocals. Thus, I'm loving it!

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