Saturday, 2 April 2016

Yotam Ben Horin's new video for California Sounds

Yotam Ben Horin has been a very busy bee the past couple of years. He's managed to get an album out for his hardcore band Spit, do extensive solo touring, work on new material for legendary Israeli punk band Useless ID and put out his latest solo album California Sounds

The catchy and beautifully crafted title track of the album is now accompanied by a simple yet poignant video which sees Yotam playing guitar and singing by the hotel sign that the record's front cover was shot, as well as taking in a few local sights.

The song might be in a slightly different direction to what Useless ID fans would expect, but Yotam has been able to show his proper song writing chops for quite some time now. Also, sometimes you just got to slow things down a bit. 

Yotam is currently on a massive European tour as part of Joey Cape's (Lagwagon) Stitch Puppy tour. The tour is in its final week which sees them in Austria, Italy, Switzerland and back in Germany.

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