Saturday, 12 March 2016

Rival Sons' brand new song

Rival Sons from Long Beach, California, are one of those few modern bands who are doing classic absolutely right. They manage to do pure, sexy rock with a hint of stoner without sounding cliché.

After the big success of their last album, The Great Western Valkyrie, Rival Sons are set to release their 5th album, Hollow Bones, through Earache Records on 10th June. From it, Earache preview the track Hollow Bones Pt.1 on YouTube and the track is available for download on iTunes.

Hollow Bones Pt.1 is more of what one comes to expect from the heavier, dirtier side of Rival Sons. With its groovy rhythm, low, heavy riff and haunting vocals, no fan should be disappointed by this nod to Led Zepplin style rock. The drum break near the end is something that would have been repeatedly sampled by hip hop acts and DJs all over if it had come out decades ago.

Can't wait to check out the whole album.

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