Wednesday, 24 June 2015


   Yet another new video. This time, from Pennsylvanian hardcore legends Wisdom In Chains. When We Were Young comes off the latest record The God Rhythm (review to come soon). For those unfamiliar with the band, it's pretty much a mix of old school hardcore with more of that tough guy vibe associated with the NY scene. I got into them via the London scene. They used to (and still do) play London a lot due to their connection with Rucktion Records. I just always loved the fact that they had great sing alongs and a straight hardcore attitude similar to Sick Of It All, possibly my favourite hardcore band. From previous records, I wasn't too keen on the band's lyrical content all the time (never thought I'd hear a hardcore song about a dog) but, judging by this track, the band still has it. 
   When We Were Young is about the good times way back when. I'll be honest, it seems as though when you get to a certain age, you start to think about your youth, your friends and all the good times. I've done it myself. In a way, the song I wrote was inspired by the likes of WIC and H2O. Although they may have sung about this kind of stuff before, it shines through that they're still passionate about where they came from. The passion is certainly heard through frontman Mad Joe Black's vocals. He is one of my favourite vocalists, somehow being able to sing melodically with still very harsh vocals. 
   The video isn't ground breaking but I do love a good old fashion band performance and the guys are solid. 
  If you like your hardcore pretty straight up but not afraid of a bit of melody and emotion, check this band out. 

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