Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Review: Cross Me - Paid In Full (2014)

While checking out the band Chained Down, I came across a band who they recommend. Cross Me are hardcore band that hail from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They put out a couple of small releases in 2013 and back in June brought out 5 track record Paid In Full on Flatspot Records. 
We start off with the crushing groove of the positive and motivative Warrior Spirit. These guys have good, albeit pretty standard crossover riffs. They manage to mix up the more groovy side of hardcore with straight forward thrash. The vocals are strong but I can't help but feel that they have been recorded in the bathroom on a very cheap microphone. The guitar playing is tight; the drumming is mostly good with the odd sloppy fill. The rest of the record follows along the same Backtrack/early Terror vibe with some parts reminiscent of Stampin' Ground, probably because of the vocals. 
The tracks get more thrashy as you go on. 4th track, Bad Company, sounding nothing like the band of the same name ("FEEL LIKE MAKING LOVE!"), starts off proper dance floor worthy. There's a bass lead groove that suddenly blows up into full throttle thrash. The song, like the record's opener, is somewhat motivational. You know when you're trying to help out a friend you care about but they're just continuing going down the wrong path despite what you say and you're ready to just give up? That's what this is about. At least that's how I see it....because I've been there. The final and titular track starts off sounding so much bigger and almost more professional than the rest of the tracks. A frenzied riff then opens up and gets you running around the room like a nutter. The very end is almost reminiscent of early Machine Head...and that's always good.
If this is anything to go by, Cross Me are definitely a worthwhile band to check out if you like your crossover hardcore and lyrics that you can relate to.

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